What is SKOAP?

The Sequenced strategy for improving outcomes in people with Knee OsteoArthritis Pain (SKOAP) Study will compare treatments with the goal of reducing Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA) pain and improving function. It is a national study funded by The Helping to End Addiction Long-term Initiative®, or NIH HEAL Initiative®, that will find out what treatments work best for which patients.

SKOAP will compare widely used non-opioid pain treatments to reduce knee pain and improve knee function. In the first part of the study, participants will be treated with conservative therapies, and in the second part, they will be treated with non-surgical procedures.

Who is running the study?

The SKOAP Study is a collaborative project between the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins, Duke, Utah, Vanderbilt, and all of our participating clinical centers.

Why is the SKOAP Study important?

Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA) is a very common source of pain and reduced function. There is an urgent public health need to reduce our reliance on opioids for effective long-term pain management, particularly in KOA.

This effectiveness trial will compare recommended treatments to reduce pain and functional limitations in KOA and identify clinical and patient-level factors associated with treatment response.

These results will lead to improved patient selection for treatment and inform evidence-based guidelines by offering well-tested, effective, non-opioid alternatives.

Who can participate in the SKOAP Study?

Minimal eligibility requirements include:

  • Being at least 18 years old

  • Having been diagnosed with Knee Osteoarthritis in at least one of your knees

  • Having experienced pain in that knee for most days in the past 3 months

  • Willing to travel to one of our 15+ SKOAP Study locations nationwide

Do ALL of these apply to you? If so, feel free to see if you qualify.

How long does the study last?

The study is 12 weeks, with follow-up for up to 1 year.

What is the compensation for the study?

Compensation up to $550 — depending on eligibility and study visits/tasks completed. Parking coupon/pass is provided at all sites.

Does my insurance pay for the treatments?

Most insurance companies approve and cover our study procedures. Treatments usually do require pre-authorization. There may be a copay that candidates will be responsible for.

That said, insurance coverage does vary by region and company. For questions, call the project coordinator at the closest SKOAP Study location using the contact information on the About Us page.

Are any of the treatments experimental?

No, all of the treatments in this study are considered standard of care, which means that they are all widely used and accepted forms of treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis.

We take a systematic approach to your treatment and offer some treatments that may be hard to get elsewhere. Research staff can answer more specific questions about the treatments we are studying.

I am uncomfortable with coming in person — can the study be done virtually?

Only one in-person study visit is required, which includes knee injections or nerve procedures. All other study visits can be done virtually via telemedicine appointments with study staff.

I want more information before I complete your survey. Can I talk with someone about the study?

Of course. Contact your local clinical trial site to speak directly with a study team member today.

Visit the About Us page for a list of participating sites.

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